Crilin Capsule of Thien Duoc Co., Ltd is awarded The Gold Icon for the cause of Community Health Care


Crilin capsule is the result of international cooperation contract under the Protocol between Vietnam and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with the participation of University of Innsbruck - Austria, one of 46 international cooperation missions in science and technology research titled, “Cooperative research of immunostimulation against cancer of alkaloid and flavonoid extracts (fractions) from Vietnamese Crinum latifolium L. used as raw materials to produce Vietnamese drugs supporting cancer treatment”.
Crilin capsule is capable of enhancing hematopoiesis, stimulating the immune system with bioactive substances inhibiting the growth of tumor cells, preventing angiogenesis, and having cytotoxic effect on cancer cells. For some patients, Crilin helps lessen their diseases markedly, improve their health, prevent metastasis, and prolong survival time of patients in the final stage of cancer.
With great success and contributions to Vietnamese medicine industry, last May, this Crilin capsule was honorably awarded the Gold Icon for the cause of Community Health Care under the auspices of the Ministry of  Health, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations.