In the evening of April 21, at Hanoi Opera House, the Ministry of Health solemnly held the “Vietnamese drug path” program. The program aims to honor and award “Vietnam Excellent Medicine” the first time for 30 local pharmaceutical enterprises and 62 domestically produced medicines that have made significant contribution to health protection of people and community. It is also one of the activities of the project “Vietnamese people give priority to Vietnamese medicines” done in the past 2 years, contributing to raising utilization rate of domestic medicines. 

Surpassing hundreds of applications from local pharmaceutical enterprises, Thien Duoc Co., Ltd and 29 other pharmaceutical enterprises have been named solemnly on the stage to receive the award “Vietnam Excellent Medicine”. Crila® has also been awarded “Vietnam Excellent Medicine” title.

Representatives of awarded enterprises

Crila® is the first medicine in the world from Vietnamese herb for the treatment of both benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and uterine fibroids. More than 10 years of circulation on the market (2005-2015), Crila® has gradually affirmed its high quality and treatment efficacy as well as received more and more trust from patients. 

Back to the past, when Crila® just appeared in Vietnam, it produced a big stir in the Vietnamese medicine circle at that time. This caught the attention of Healing Quest - a famous American television program specializing in integrative health, coming to Vietnam to build a television program about Pharmacist-Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram and her research work on Crila®. On November 08th, 2010 the reportage about Dr. Tram was first aired on PBS channel in 145 countries all over the world such as the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, etc. which drew much attention from the science circle and audiences worldwide. After the events, Crila® was promoted for export to America. It was accepted by the U.S. FDA when passing the examination and evaluation of Eurofin – a very prestigious laboratory in America accredited by the U.S. FDA. Currently, Crila® is distributed by Crila Health Co., Ltd and receiving enthusiastic support from the very demanding pharmaceutical U.S. market.

Crila® – a Vietnamese medicinal herbal product – has quality not inferior to that of imported drugs, helping increase patients’ trust and well implement the motto “Vietnamese people give priority to Vietnamese medicines”. Further, it is hoped that Vietnam will have many medicinal products like Crila® to serve Vietnamese community in particular and the world in general, helping Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry keep abreast with that of the powers such as France, India, etc.

Thien Duoc