To honor enterprises which strive to build and develop their brands, create advantages to promote fair competition between Vietnamese and global brands in globalized economy today, the Intellectual Property Association of Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with AQA – American Quality Assessors, the Ministry of Science & Technology, the National Office of Intellectual Property, and the Copyright Office conducted the survey and certification for brand trust index “Excellent brand 2013” for TOP businesses which have high index of brand reputation and meet the national and international criteria under brand evaluation process of EBI (Excellent Brand Index).

On December 20, at the hall of HCMC Party Committee, Thien Duoc Company was honorably awarded “Excellent Brand 2013”.

Thien Duoc Company was established in 2007, whose main products are quality pharmaceutical products extracted from Vietnamese herbs. The typical one is Crila extracted from the Crinum latifolium L. - the world's first medicine derived from Vietnamese herb to treat two diseases including uterine fibroids in women and benign prostatic hyperplasia in men.

To get the quality pharmaceutical products with high treatment efficacy, Thien Duoc has invested to build a plantation meeting the GACP-WHO criterion as recommended by the World Health Organization. This plantation is to supply medicinal materials with clear origin and quality, ensuring therapeutic bioactive substances, especially when medicinal materials are smuggled, dyed in chemicals, etc. even considered as “junk medicinal materials”.

Apart from deploying a standard medicinal plantation, Thien Duoc factory has been invested to require GMP-WHO criterion. All is a closed production process from the plantation to the factory.

With scientific method, all the products originated from proper and standard research works. Thien Duoc is committed to continue launching quality pharmaceutical products with high treatment efficacy and reasonable price in order to improve life standards for the Vietnamese in particular and the world in general.