Closed process "from medicinal herbs to users"


It can be said that pharmaceuticals are currently developing at a fast rate and transforming in quantity and quality. Every year, the demand for drugs and health supplements in Vietnam and the world grows rapidly, along with the demand for quality and safe products. With a history of nearly 15 years of establishment and development in the pharmaceutical field, Thien Duoc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is continuing to invest, promote research, and provide many products from pharmaceutical research companies in order to bring patients quality products, and improve the value for the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam. The company invests in a closedproduction closure from the plant growing area as well as the factory to the patients, which is the prerequisiteto ensure the quality of the product and is the basis for the company to obtain business opportunities from thepharmaceuticaldomestic market as well as for export.
Standardize the source of raw materials
In fact, to ensure the quality of herbal ingredients and traditional medicines, the first factor is standardization of pharmaceutical materials. Good medicinal plants are medicinal herbs grown in accordance with GACP-WHO standards (Good practice for growing and collecting medicinal plants as recommended by the World Health Organization), medicinal herbs are harvested on time, right processingmethod, no mold, no termites... and meet the regulations on specifications, qualitative and quantitative determination of active ingredients or specific active ingredients, and reach the prescribed percentage of impurities such as soil and sand in the form of ash, moisture and some toxic metals such as lead copper, arsenic and mercury should be free of aflatoxin.
Thien Duoc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has built a medicinal plant growing area in Long Thanh - Dong Nai, which is a clean and stable medicinal plant area with stable content of biological active ingredients, and the growing area meets the criteria set out according to GACP - WHO. On May 20th2011, the Drug Administration of Vietnam - Ministry of Health recognized the medicinal plant growing area of Crinum Latifolium L.Crilato meet GACP-WHO standards (Good practice in cultivation and collection of medicinal plants as recommended by the World Health Organization). This is the first growing area of Crila (a new version of Vietnam Crinum latifolium L) in Vietnam adopting this standards.Thien Duoc Pharmaceutical has selected healthy plant varieties that produce leaves with sufficient biological activity to be used as raw materials for the production of Crila and Crila Forte drugs for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy and uterine fibroids. Propagation of Crinum latifolium L. has been carried out since 1990 by the method of clonal propagation. The plant is grown in regions with hot, dry climates. The location of the planting area is convenient,1 km away from major roads, not polluted by densely populated areas, not near factories, hospitals, cemeteries, and with a climate suitable for  plants. Irrigation water meets the National Technical Regulation on quality of drinking water QCVN 01: 2009/BYT issued by the Ministry of Health. Absolutely no use of chemical fertilizers and growth stimulants in cultivation, pesticides, catching pests by hand and killing pests with pheromones, which are synthetic substances with the same chemical structure as those extracted from worms as bait to place in traps to catch male worms to prevent female worms from fertilizing eggs and giving birth to baby worms. According to experts, the implementation of GACP - WHO, the quality of medicinal herbs will be strictly controlled, especially the difficult situation to trace the origin of medicinal herbs.

Factory standardization

Drug quality assurance is a closed process that is strictly managed from production to finished products and also to the process of product preservation and distribution to users. In order for a drug to be of good quality, it must first be manufactured by a factory that ensures good manufacturing practices (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice). On May 27th2010, the factory of Thien Duoc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was granted the certificate of GMP-WHO (Good Manufacturing Practice) by the Drug Administration - Ministry of Health. GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GSP (Good Storage Practice), GMP standard is considered as a tool to help factories control product quality well. Every stage is thoroughly tested, quickly detecting defective products, promptly fixing problems. The factory can master the quality of the product.
After production, drugs are preserved, stored, transported and distributed for a certain period of time before reaching users. These stages also have an impact (temperature, humidity, light, humidity, etc.) that affect the quality of the drug. Therefore, the company's drug storage also follows GSP (Good Storage Practices) standards. Besides, the company also built a laboratory to meet GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards. Non-clinical health and environmental studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, archived and reported.

Operating with the vision of "Modernizing traditional medicine" and always focusing on product quality as the top, Thien Duoc Pharmaceutical has been a reputable company for many years, receiving many positive feedbacks from customers, especially product quality. For many years in a row, the company has been honored to receive awards such as: National Quality Award, Vietnamese Drug Star, Vietnamese Gold Star, high quality Vietnamese products, typical creative Vietnamese enterprises... The company has always strived to improve quality and create new, safe products, protect public health in the best way.