Producing hard capsules to treat hemorrhoids from the key national project


On the morning of October 27th2021 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Science and Technology held a conference to summarize the ProgramKC.10/16-20 "Research on application and development of advanced technology for public health protection and care”. After 5 years of implementation, 46 national key science and technology program projects have mastered, applied and developed advanced techniques, science and technology in the field of medicine and pharmacy. The program's objective is to care for and protect people's health.

The project “Production of hard capsules from purslane(Portulaca oleracea L.), amaranth (Amaranthus spinosus L.) to treat hemorrhoids (KC .10.07/16-20) of Dr. Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram has concluded: The technological process of extracting bioactive flavonoid fractions from amaranth and purslane has high effect and safety for the treatment of hemorrhoids, creating a mixture of flavonoid fractions with biological activity from amaranth and bioactive fractions from purslane, based on the results of pharmacological studies of the above fractions, a mixture of two active fractions with the highest biological quality was found and used as raw materials for the production ofhemorrhoidstreatment medicine.
The study has proposed a method of research, screening, and finding biologically active substances for hemorrhoids treatment based on the study of pharmacological effects.

The topic helps to proactively source medicinal materials from domestic herbs, contributing to stabilizing domestic drug prices. Bringing Vietnamese medicinal products to the international market, honoring the country, creating special treatment products with Vietnamese brands.