CRILA and gratefulness


‘I am Royal Virgin, leaving imperial palaces for Thien Duoc Co., Ltd in Binh Duong province…So many fellows look for me – Royal Virgin, for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Please … take 4 capsules, two times daily, after meals. So many gals look for me – Royal Virgin, for uterine fibroids.  Please … take 5 capsules, two times daily, after meals. It is Crila capsule…’ Those are lyrics in Crila song - Royal Virgin of Pham Quang Van patient (84 years old at No. 107, Ha Thai railway collective zone, Hoang Sau hamlet, Co Nhue commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi - Tel: 04.37541264). Mr Van wrote this song on behalf of his gratefulness to Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram – the person researching and producing Crila capsule.

Important therapy
As a pre-uprising officer and wounded soldier in resistance against French, attached closely to army, Mr Van retired many years ago. He said that ‘Before 2010, I was so shocked at the bad news of my liver cancer stage 2. I was knocked down. Owing to training in army environment and spirits of a poet and musician, I recovered my spirits hopefully. I was determined to fight to the end. After long-treated at Gerontology Hospital, Hanoi E Hospital attached with Vietnamese traditional medicine in Ninh Binh, with belief and hope, I got over the illness. From 2010, I almost recovered completely from liver cancer.
No longer worried about liver cancer, I suddenly caught benign prostatic hyperplasia. In the past one year, I usually have insomnia due to this disease. I am abused by lots of urinations at night up to 5-6 repeated trips to bathroom. I have used many kinds of medicines but no effects, even meeting annoyances with these medicines. Taking medicines provided by E Hospital, I must encounter side effects with rashes and I have to apply medicine all this year. Trying another medicine, I found that it is not suitable due to the ingredients of Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae. Without any suitable medication, I have to accept with dog-sleeps every night.

My old age, poor diet and difficult sleep made my health down seriously but I’m not discouraged. During the journey of searching for medicines, I found Crila from Royal Virgin (Crinum latifolium L.) At some first days, medicine had marked effect. I took 60 capsules, then the number of urination at night reduced to one and I can get back to sleep immediately without any wink as before. As for me, Crila is a really wonderful solution! My daughter is 50 years old and has uterine fibroids. She has taken Crila and gets positive result”.

“I have composed about 200 songs such as Ave Maria, Venus, Giot dan, Ca tru, Piano Queen, Nguoi bat tu, etc. mainly for repayment. From the real emotions, I want to communicate my state of mind.

Crila is a really wonderful product. Besides the fact that I’d like to express my sincere thank to Crila and the inventor of this magic pharmaceutical product – Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram, Thien Duoc Co., Ltd, I write this Crila song to send patients belief and hope to overcome sickness.

With my experiences, I think this life always has wonderful things ahead. Life has awarded me precious things. Among these things, as I said, I overcame liver cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. I hope Crila capsule will be introduced popularly to more patients to help them overcome diseases.
Crila song’s melody – Royal Virgin may be not beautiful, lyrics are not florid but it is my heartiness - an elderly patient overcame diseases thanks to fortune with Crila. This song is my gratefulness to Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram and colleagues.”

Written by DONG HUONG