Pictorial book - “Whole-hearted and excellent: Who are they?”


Color picture book, 5 kg in weight and 30x30 cm in size, has nearly 900 pages and over 4,500 pictures of 400 people with brief introductions about their lives, careers and their dedications to community. Each figure is a touching story with pictorial narration by Nguyen A. This is the result of over 4 years of his hard work with many characters whenever and wherever to capture as many precious moments as he could.

After working with 300 people who are “whole-hearted and excellent” of 2012, Nguyen A was encouraged enthusiastically by his very characters to continue his searching journey, then he added 100 more people - young, creative and talented doctors, scientists, etc. They are not meretriciously famous, but have great contributions to society. They are a pillar generation on the way of affirming their talent with quiet dedications in “making a country forever remains” as a verse of Nguyen Khoa Diem.
In “The pictorial encyclopedia of VN contemporary society” – according to the poet Nguyen Duy’s assessment – Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram has been authentically portrayed through each photos in this book.
She decided to sell her land and house but had to endure the stigma and pity of her colleagues towards a crazy person in the research process of a medicinal plant which has not been included in Pharmacopoiea yet.
After 20 years, she has proven her right way, as well as her useful and beneficial research work. She created Crila capsule - the first medicine in the world to treat uterine fibroids and benign prostatic hyperplasia – helping reduce pain, avoid surgery, improve the living quality, and bring happiness to patients.
Successful as she is, she did not stop. She continued researching to find group of bioactive substances that can stimulate the immune system, prevent the development of tumor cells for cancer treatment.
“Her research road is still long ahead. The older she is, the poorer her health is, but her determination to find out new specific Vietnam herbal medicines for the Vietnamese remains her burning passion” – excerpted from “Whole-hearted and excellent: Who are they?”