Crila on the way to conquer international pharmaceutical market

Crila is a medicine formulated from bioactive alkaloids extracted from Vietnamese Crinum latifolium L. for the treatment of uterine fibroids and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Crila product has experienced tests in terms of insecticide, GMO, heavy metal contamination and allergens in Eurofins Laboratory (America). The results showed that Crila medicine satisfics all standards in accordance with American regulations, which proved Crila is a safe and quality product.

America and many other countries don’t accept any products which consist of adulterants, GMO or allergens to enter into their countries"  - Sue McKinney

Steady penetrating into fastidious market

According to Ms. Sue McKinney – Director of Crinum Health Pte, an enterprise of Medocino, a distributor of herbal medicine in the USA, she has brought Crila to American market since 2010. At present, Crila is popular in many parts of the USA. Sue McKinney has created a website for Crila

According to American regulations, those products which are distributed widely and stand firmly on the market should be demonstrated their safety. It means that these products should pass some tests of botanical composition as well as different possible pollutants. She said ‘If we want to distribute foreign products, we must have them checked’.

Previously, it’s not always compulsory to do these tests. However, since some dangerous substances from China and other countries were found in food, medicines, breeding food and supplements, etc., safety check is becoming more and more important to American consumers.

Ms. Sue shared that only interest and sympathy with Crila aren’t enough, but it’s necessary to base on scientific evidences to persuade consumers, as well as conquer this fastidious market

Therefore, Ms. Sue together ThienDuoc Co., Ltd brought Crila to Eurofins Laboratory ( – a well-known American laboratory recognized by FDA (USA), which is the first one succeeding in developing some test methods of adulterants harming consumers’ health. According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram – the inventor of Crila – to meet the needs at present, it’s vital to examine whether Crila requires FDA standards on insecticide residues, GMO, heavy metal contamination (bronze, iron, arsen, etc.) and allergens. But the criteria are still uncontrolled in Viet Nam. Hence, ThienDuoc company and Crinum Health chose Eurofins laboratory (USA) to do these tests in order to prove Crila’s quality under FDA’s requirements. This will be a scientific basis for consumers to trust Crila.

In fact, Eurofins has conducted tests on 2 products Crila for Prostate and Crila for Menopause with good results that Crila doesn’t contain any dangerous admixtures. All specifications are equal or lower than allowed threshold. ‘We have proved Crila doesn’t include any dangerous admixtures. These tests ensured that Crila completely has no dangerous substances to patients’, Sue said.

‘This helps us to differentiate Crila from many other products which are announced to be extracted from Crinum latifolium L. It also means that Crila satisfies all requirements of international export. The reason is that America and many other countries don’t accept any products which consist of adulterants, GMO or allergens to enter into their countries. I wish to add these distinctions onto my website, new labels and any marketing information related to Crila product’, Sue added.

Achievements of Vietnamese medicine

Reportedly, Crila is assessed, highly evaluated by the Council of Science and Technology – the Ministry of Health, and recognized as one of the greatest achievements of domestic medicine. Now, materials for Crila production are collected from 20-ha-Crinum latifolium L. plantation under GAP-WHO in Long Thanh – Dong Nai, which is certified under “Good Agriculture and Collection Practices for medicinal plants” criterion as recommended by World Health Organization by Drug Administration – the Ministry of Health. This is the first medicinal material plantation in Vietnam requiring GACP-WHO.

Crila capsule has experienced clinical trials under Regulation No. 371 of the Ministry of Health. Before getting the allowance for nationwide circulation, Crila should circulate in hospitals for one year with registration No. NC04-H07-05 in order for the observation of its treatment efficacy as well as undesirable effects. On July 21st, 2005 Crila was allowed for nationwide circulation with registration No. VNB-3391-05 by Drug Administration – the Ministry of Health. Currently, Drug Administration permits ThienDuoc Co., Ltd to manufacture Crila at its factory under GMP (Good Manufacture Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), GSP (Good Storage Practices) criteria in Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Zone, Binh Duong province with registration No. VD-15304-11.

In 2010, Crila was recognized as one of three national medicinal products in accordance with the recommendation and selection of the Ministry of Health, as well as included in the list of medicine for medical insurance.

Crila is the result of 4 ministry-level subjects, 2 ministry-level and national-level pilot production projects and many years of research in foreign countries of Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram together with her co-workers. Crila was undergone clinical trials at 3 stages at hospitals including Central Institute of Gerontology, Central Hospital of Traditional Medicine, HCMC Hospital of Traditional Medicine with the subject ‘Assessment of the treatment efficacy of Crila capsule from Crinum latifolium L. on benign prostatic hyperplasia’ headed by Prof. Dr. People’s Teacher Tran DucTho – former President of Central Institute of Gerontology. The results showed that after 2 months of Crila therapy, experimental group of patients got good treatment efficacy at 89.18%, which was evaluated to be excellent by the Council of Science and Technology.

In addition, to expand Crila’s treatment effect, the Ministry of Health decided to allow Central Maternity Hospital, Tu Du Hospital and HCMC Hospital of Traditional Medicine to conduct a subject ‘Assessment of Crila’s effects and acceptability in the treatment of uterine fibroids’ headed by Assoc. Prof. Vuong Tien Hoa. Clinical research results indicated Crila’s treatment efficacy on patients with uterine fibroids is 79.5% (with size less than 6cm) with high safety and no side effects. With the excellent acceptance result, the Council of Science agreed to add second indication for uterine fibroids to Crila capsule.

So far, Crila is the first herbal capsule in the world for uterine fibroids in women. On his medical charity career, Dr. Michael Scott –an obstetrician in Atlanta (USA) – has recently visited Dr Tram’s laboratory, then he decided to perform clinical trials to see its efficacy in the treatment of uterine fibroids – the most popular non-cancerous tumor in women at the age of giving birth. He believed that Crila can be another treating method for patients without negative side effects like other costly pharmaceuticals.

Obtained test results once again confirmed what have been announced about Crila is completely true. Patients put more belief in safe and quality Vietnamese herbal products. Crila is welcomed by American market, which is not only an honor of Dr. Tram but also great pride of domestic medicine.  
Reported by Dong Huong